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Microbiology & Serology
  • Department has a state-of-the-art laboratory, fully compliant as per ISO and NABL guidelines

  • We are an active member of IPAQT initiative for Tuberculosis.

  • We have a team of well experienced doctors and dedicated staff.

  • We offer infection control practices and antibiogram preparation for hospitals.

  • We perform sensitivity testing as per CLSI/EUCAST guidelines.
  • BACTEC FX: Automated continuous monitoring system for blood cultures.

  • BacT/ALERT 3D : Automated continuous monitoring system for blood cultures.

  • Vitek 2 : Automated system for faster and accurate identification and MIC sensitivity of Bacteria /Yeast pathogens.

  • BACTEC MGIT 320 : Liquid culture technology for rapid culture of Mycobacteria. Also used for susceptibility testing of Anti Tb drugs.

  • Genexpert : Used for Tuberculosis testing with rifampicin sensitivity , C.difficile toxin detection, HIV viral load, HCV viral load.

  • Line probe assay : Molecular detection of tuberculosis and drug resistance testing. Also used for identification of Nontuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM).

  • Microbroth dilution technique : MIC testing of bacteria/Fungi/NTM/MOTT( Atypical Mycobacteria).

  • BOD incubator : For fungal culture. Mycology covers morphological identification of Yeast cells and fungi including Dermatophytes. We also offer automated susceptibility and MIC testing for yeasts.