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  • Our laboratory for conventional cytogenetics comprises of a range of test menu for Hematologists, Oncologists, Obstetricians, IVF specialists, Pediatricians, Endocrinologists and Neuro physicians.

  • By providing karyotype results ; we provide diagnostic and prognostic guidance for patients with haematological malignancies. We do chromosomal investigations for Prenatal diagnosis, for Neonates and Paediatric patients with multiple congenital anomalies, developmental delay , for couples with infertility and reproductive problems. We provide wide FISH test menu for hematological disorders as well as for solid tumours.

  • We have a team of professionals who are experienced in karyotyping, FISH .

  • Karyotyping is carried out with utmost precision for conditions of the bone marrow, blood, amniotic fluid, chorionic villus biopsy and abortus tissue.